The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

Jim Cartwright

Derek Watts

1 - 8 July 2017


Sat 7:45pm, Mon 7:45pm, Tue 7:45pm, Wed 7:45pm, Thu 7:45pm, Fri 7:45pm, Sat 2:45pm, Sat 7:45pm

Audition Info
Audition Sat 10 December 2016 10:00am Foyer

PLAYING DATES - Saturday 1st- Saturday 8th July 2017

Winner of the 1992 Evening Standard Best Award and the 1993 Olivier Award for Best Comedy, but best known for the 1998 film version, 'Little Voice', starring Jane Horrocks, Jim Cartwright's play tells of a shy young girl dominated by her wayward, larger than life, alcoholic mother.
In this gritty, heart-warming tale, Little Voice, desperately missing her late father, listens to his old record collection, perfecting her impersonations of famous divas such as Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Dusty Springfield. When Ray Say, one of her mother’s boyfriends, hears LV sing, he sees her as his passport to riches and sets about creating a show of the century with LV as the star. Ray is convinced that this is his chance for fame and fortune, but what does LV want?

'A northern showbiz fairytale, a backstreet Cinderella story, with a built-in kick' (The Guardian)

While public attention naturally tended to focus on Jane Horrocks's bravura vocal performance, the play offers to actors a rewarding acting experience. It is more than just a vehicle for the diva: it is also a study of a broken mother-daughter relationship and the falsity of glamour and fame, fuelled by immaturity, narcissism and alcohol.

The play is set in Bolton and while some attempt at a northern brogue will be good in audition, the focus will be on the essence of the character, as coaching will be available through rehearsals.


MARI HOFF (40-ish): LV's Mum. Brassy, loud, alcoholic, self-absorbed, narcissistic. She has some faded glamour. A demanding, powerful role.

LITTLE VOICE (LV) (about 20): sensitive acting role, as well as vocal ability to perform as (among others) Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe and Dusty Springfield.

RAY SAY (40-ish): a small-time agent, bit of a spiv, pushy, loud, Mari's 'boyfriend'.

SADIE (30-50): Mari's neighbour. Described as 'fat', but not necessarily, as her physical appearance is a contrast to Mari. Not many lines, but an essential counterpoint to Mari and as such, a strong, supporting role.

BILLY (20-ish): pleasant young man, supportive of LV - if there is romance, he provides it.

PHONE MAN (40-60): good comic role in Act One.

MR. BOO (50-60): typical Northern night-club compère. Think Bernard Manning or the Wheeltappers and Shunters Club. Sheepskin coat, cigar.......

AUDITION PIECES These will include but are not necessarily exclusive....

MARI - p. 8 'Well, Sadie, what a night' to ' down the blower'. p. 57 - 'carcass of my house' to p. 58 'match-head to this'.

LITTLE VOICE - LV - p. 59 'and now....' to 'trembling so strange'. In addition, auditionees for LV will be required to sing Judy Garland's 'Get Happy' and 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' by Dusty Springfield. Piano accompaniment will be available.

RAY SAY - p. 35 'aye, you've got it nice' to 36, 'a good 'un, your Dad'. P. 49 'MARI...'go together so well.' - For God sake, wise up and fuck off.'

SADIE - p. 9-12

BILLY - p. 19-20 'Just seeing if....' To 'Blackpool illuminations'.

PHONE MAN - p. 2-5

MR. BOO - p. 28 and p. 40.

Scripts are available from Derek Watts, either on 01273-471680 or at

PLEASE NOTE - you do not have to be a member of Lewes Theatre Club to audition. If cast, however, you will be required to join.

I look forward to a bumper turnout for this fine modern piece, which celebrates the power of music and the ability of the human spirit to overcome trauma and loss through humour and song.

Derek Watts,