The Day of The Battle

The Day of The Battle

The Day of The Battle

Mike Turner

Kate Turvey

17 May 2014

Lewes Theatre Club’s contribution to Lewes’ 1264 Battle of Lewes celebrations.

The play will be performed out of doors in three locations in Lewes on 17 May


This year saw the seven hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Lewes and the town made its usual magnificent response with hundreds of people in costumes and dozens of events throughout the town. There was a medieval encampment on the railway land where young people lived and explored ideas about democracy as well as presenting John Agard’s new play Carry on Magna.

Lewes Theatre Club played its part very successfully starting with Battle Royal on 10 May when Miles Jenner, mounted on a dray horse, played Henry III leading in the King’s army and supporters received the keys of Lewes as he was welcomed by the Mayor and civic dignitaries. Several Lewes actors took part and the splendid costumes were masterminded by Anne Turner and Cathy Myles.

The following weekend was the big one with re-enactments all over the town and the performance of Mike Turner’s play The Day of the Battle in three Lewes venues. Twenty members of Lewes Theatre Club were involved in what might have been a logistical nightmare but all worked out well thanks to our helpers. The play, directed by Kate Turvey, was well received in each of the venues and had large appreciative audiences whose only complaint was the difficulty of hearing all the words in the outdoor venues where the players had to compete with traffic, trains and aeroplanes.

One member of the audience reported, “This was a splendid play which told the story well in rhyming couplets. It was informative and witty and the costumes were colourful and accurate.”

Here is an extract from the closing song of the play:

Henry’s the King by the right of God above
The real ruler whom all his subjects love
But here in Sussex when push comes to shove
We’ll bow our knee but we’ll not be druv
Roll along, stroll along , give me good ale
And I’ll burden you all with this old Sussex tale

Well done Lewes Theatre Club

Other Dates

Audition Sat 12 April 2014 10:30am Foyer