In Lambeth

In Lambeth

In Lambeth

1 - 8 August 2009

Part of Summer At Lewes Theatre


The problem of reforming an ailing and unfair society has been with us for a long while. In Lambeth looks at Britain in 1789, on the eve of the storming of the Bastille. A meeting of two radical minds - the revolutionary Thomas Paine and the visionary William Blake. Paine argues for radical revolutionary change. Blake argues that perhaps no revolution is worth the blood spilled.

Love & Madness present an anniversary tour starring Jack Shepherd, twenty one years after it was first performed at the Dulwich Tavern on 12 July 1989, and then at the Donmar Warehouse, directed by Jack Shepherd and starring Michael Maloney and Bob Peck.

Out of their encounter, Shepherd's play orchestrates a fascinating clash between two types of revolutionary: the idealistic visionary and the principled pragmatist.

The play contains scenes of nudity and one example of bad language