It Could be Any One of Us

It Could be Any One of Us

It Could be Any One of Us

Alan Ayckbourn

Lyndsey Meer

19 - 26 March 2011

A murder in a country house. Three suspects. With three different endings it could be any one of them.


Alan Ayckbourn’s 30th play “It Could be Any One Of Us” is a comedy thriller.

It is set in a country house which has seen better days. The residents consist of a family of two brothers Mortimer and Brinton and their sister Jocelyn, all of whom are failures in their different artistic endeavours.

Completing the family is Jocelyn’s 'friend' Norris, a failed former claims-assessor and her daughter. The daughter makes little contribution to the family life save for insulting people. The eldest brother Mortimer controls this wealthy and somewhat eccentric group by holding the purse strings on a very tight rein.

He believes the family is responsible for his failure as a composer and decides to exact his revenge by changing his will. He intends to leave the house and money to a person outside the family.

The very thought of them losing their home and becoming destitute looms before them. Will anyone take drastic action to forestall this catastrophe?

Who? What? and How? All the ingredients of a thriller are here, with comedy thrown in for good measure.

Who dunnit? You’ll have to come to find out!