Groping for Words



David Harrower

Chris Weber-Brown

22 - 29 January

a controversial but remarkable and riveting piece which raises serious questions about our society and morality.

This play deals with adult themes.

Groping for Words

Groping for Words

Sue Townsend

Adrian Bowd

27 November - 4 December 2010


Sat 7:45pm, Mon 7:45pm, Tue 7:45pm, Wed 7:45pm, Thu 7:45pm, Fri 7:45pm, Sat 2:45pm, Sat 7:45pm

Performance Thu 6 January 2011 7:45pm Extra date
Performance Fri 7 January 2011 7:45pm Extra date
Performance Sat 8 January 2011 7:45pm Extra date

Three more performances!

Joyce teaches literacy to adults


Joyce teaches literacy to adults, George and Thelma.

George has lost his job, his family and home through his inability to read. Thelma a nanny, is struggling to hide her illiteracy from her employers who expect her to teach their small child basic reading skills as well as working as their domestic help.

Kevin the school caretaker, also illiterate, tries to hide the fact behind loutish bigoted behaviour.

Performances cancelled due to snow rescheduled in January

The production has been awarded The Arthur Churchill Award for Excellance and Best Young Actress award at the 2010 Brighton & Hove Arts Council Drama Awards Ceremony.