Grimm Tales

Grimm Tales

Grimm Tales

Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate

Matt Haynes

14 November 2009


Sat 7:45pm

The Youth Theatre group's autumn production brings the well-known fairy tales to life.


The plays are written by the current Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, and have been performed at the Bristol Young Vic by a professional company in 1994.

Snow White
Little Red Cap
The Magic Table
Hansel and Gretel
The Golden Goose

Great theatre is as fleeting as it is thrilling. It exists in the spaces between actors and audience and is as elusive and silvery as the paths that wind through dark woods of fairy tales. The great thing about Carol Ann Duffy's re-telling of these Grimm tales is the generous energy with which it enfolds each in its own style. The Guardian


We all know that one of the aims of theatre is to entertain and there was a great deal to entertain, amuse, occasionally horrify, in the production of Grimm Tales by Lewes Youth Theatre. It was wonderful to see so many young people in the theatre, to feel the energy and excitement…and that was amongst the parents! The performers were disciplined, absolutely articulate and enjoyed their time in the lights.

The whole piece, an assembly of five tales by the brothers Grimm was excellently directed by Matt Haynes ably assisted by James Firth-Haydon our Youth Co-ordinator. I know how much work and effort has gone into this project but I can assure all those involved it has been well worth it. 137 people, aged from 4 to 80 emerged from the evening laughing, enthusing and having had a jolly good night out. With no attempt to play other than the script with props and minimalist costume accessories the Youth Theatre put on a polished performance worthy of their place on Lewes Theatre stage. This is an achievement of which they, and we, should be justly proud.

Victoria Thompson


Youth Theatre Cast members:

  • Sam Clarke,
  • Owen Daughtery,
  • Rupert Flowers,
  • Daniel Hardwick,
  • Holly Hinks,
  • Megan Maltby,
  • Abi Proctor,
  • Harrison Pryor-Billington,
  • Joel Richardson,
  • Ellie Woodruff-Bryant and
  • Sophie Wright