Enter a Free Man

Enter a Free Man

Enter a Free Man

Tom Stoppard

Adrian Bowd

10 - 15 October 2011

Yet another classic from the pen of Tom Stoppard, full of his wickedly clever and intelligent dialogue.


The plot centres around George Riley, his long suffering wife Persephone and their daughter Linda. George believes himself to be a great inventor; spending his days tinkering in his workshop and holding forth in the local pub, trying to persuade people of his undiscovered genius. At last he believes he has come up with the ultimate simple solution that will set him free-free from the shackles of his humdrum family life.

Meanwhile, daughter Linda also dreams of her own freedom, with her ideal man. Unfortunately her dreams, like those of her father, don't quite work out. However, Stoppard's witty and amusing dialogue brings this entertaining comedy round to a satisfactory conclusion.