Bram Stoker

Freely adapted by Robert Hamilton

Shaun Hughes

1 - 8 October 2022


Sat 7:45pm, Mon 7:45pm, Tue 7:45pm, Wed 7:45pm, Thu 7:45pm, Fri 7:45pm, Sat 2:45pm, Sat 7:45pm theatre


Celebrating its 125th Anniversary in 2022, Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic shocker introduced Count Dracula upon the World, an ancient monster bent on bringing his contagion to the very heart of the British Empire.

Dr Seward runs a sanitorium in Whitby, Yorkshire, his patient, Renfield, eats flies and spiders and speaks of the coming of the master. Dr Seward’s daughter, Lucy, has died of inexplicable anaemia – loss of blood. Lucy’s closest friend, Mina, distressed by the loss of her friend, too seems to have succumbed to this mysterious illness. Lady Holmwood is disturbed by other mysterious deaths in the town and the howling of dogs in the night. Jonathan Harker arrives to offer his condolences to the family and to marry Mina. Baffled, Seward enlists the help of his mentor, Professor Van Helsing.

Only this handful of men and women stand between Dracula and his long-cherished goal, but they are vulnerable and weak against the cunning and supernatural powers of the Count and his legions.

Dracula will be victorious unless his nemesis, Professor Van Helsing can persuade them that monsters still lurk in the era of electric light.

The most famous of all vampire stories, ‘Dracula’ has been adapted for the stage and films many times, endlessly reinterpreting the Undead Count.

This adaptation is based on Stoker’s original book, but also takes into account the long and varied afterlife of the diabolical Count, calling particularly on the works of Hammer Films and the earlier 1931 Universal classic.

Robert Hamilton has adapted many works for the stage and Dracula a number of times. He brings this new adaptation to the Lewes Little Theatre stage, using humour and visual effects.

Audition Info
Audition Wed 20 July 2022 8:00pm Foyer

Please contact Shaun Hughes if you would like a script or to have a chat about the play or call 07971 815 883

Character Playing age Character Notes
Count Dracula 40/60+ A Count of an ancient noble Eastern European family. 500 years old. Has an air of mystery. Aloof and commanding. His mask of urbane civility can drop to reveal a feral monster. Arrogant. Transylvanian accent.
Abraham Van Helsing 50/60s A Professor of the occult and rare diseases from Amsterdam. Eccentric but effective. Hard working and knowledgeable. A force of nature. Dutch accent.
Dr John Seward Late 30/40s+ A compassionate but unimaginative psychiatrist in charge of his own sanitorium. Bewildered by the death of his daughter and anxious to find the cause, he turns to his mentor Van Helsing to help him uncover what he is sure is an epidemic. Kind, with a dry sense of humour despite his loss.
Mina Murray 20/30s Dracula’s object of desire, but she is no damsel in distress. Intelligent and spirited. Has a sense of humour. In love with Jonathan Harker.
Lucy Seward 20s Dr Seward’s deceased daughter, Dracula’s first victim in England. Now a fledgling vampire.
Jonathan Harker 20/30s Bright and energetic. Dashing, resourceful, loyal and brave. In love with Mina.
Renfield Any A patient of the sanitorium, under Dracula’s power. He has ravings, tantrums and times of clarity.
Lady Holmwood 40+ A strong personality in a male dominated world. Willing to take risks, enjoys adventure…and the odd tipple. Of her (upper) class!
Swales 30+ A butler to Dr Seward. Hardworking but of a dour disposition. Yorkshire accent.
Patrick Hennessey Any The strong and practical head warder of the sanitorium and Seward’s right hand man.
Carmilla and Mircalla 20s+ The Brides of Dracula. Seductive and animalistic. Pure hunger.