24 March 2013


Sun 2:45pm foyer

Members of the Youth Theatre group present a programme of readings and monologues.

Followed by a tea prepared by the young people and their parents

Director's Notes

The Youth Group have been working extremely hard each week devising, writing and rehearsing their monologues and duologues. With a little guidance we made sure that they had a sense of ownership with their pieces and let them discover which piece was suitable for them and that allowed them to discover the potential of characterisation in rehearsal and performance.

Along with atmospheric music played by members of the Youth Group, the students produced a well polished and entertaining performance with great respect to voice, movement and the character's objective in the scene. They showed diversity in their performance techniques by working in the round and used this staging technique to their advantage.

We are extremely proud of their efforts and can see how they appreciate the effects of workshopping a piece for performance. They seem to gain more and more discipline in response to the Cafe Sundays and this is always going to be reflected in their next main production.

Well done to all and many thanks to all the parents for their help in creating a brilliant afternoon.

Tim Rowland