That's the Way to Do It!

That's the Way to Do It!

That's the Way to Do It!

David Wilde

17 November 2019


Sun 2:30pm

David Wilde, one of Britain’s leading authorities on the history of the art of Punch and Judy, talks about the genre and performs his show, in a nostalgic trip to the seaside of our youth.


On the street or in the home, on showground, park or village green, Professor David Wilde entertains children and adults alike with traditional skills of Magic and the authentic Punch & Judy Show. He collects puppets and ventriloquist dolls, his speciality being Punch and Judy figures where he is a considered a leading authority. In fact he is frequently consulted to establish values when puppet artefacts come to Auction. He is a true enthusiast and this comes over in his performance. He is rated by his peers in the Punch and Judy profession as one of the best and most authentic shows to see.