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A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

Adapted by Gary Andrews

6 - 14 December 2019

Darren Heather

"Mankind was my business - the common welfare was my business."

Director's Notes

An original play by Gary Andrews, A Christmas Carol brings to the stage Charles Dickens’s classic tale which has been with us since 1843, and has come to be part of Christmas for everyone. Even the most cynical amongst us cannot resist being moved by the revelations that Scrooge is subjected to and his subsequent salvation. It’s understandably moving stuff. However one of Dickens’s reasons for writing the novel was to provide a window into the social injustice that was evident at the time. The passing of the Poor Law in 1834 was designed to reduce the “cost” of having beggars on the streets and led to the introduction of the union workhouses which Scrooge refers to (and supports!). Those who entered these forbidding places were subjected to harsh conditions, poor food and clothing. This was not lost on Dickens and is an aspect of the tale to which we will aim to do justice. This production, for which the text has been adapted for the Lewes stage by David Williams, and which will be directed by me in my first production for Lewes Little Theatre, will aim to capture all of the traditional themes of Scrooge’s journey through his past, present and future, whilst at the same time exploring the impact of social injustice. We will have achieved our goal if our audiences leave the theatre with Christmas in their hearts and some provoking thoughts in their heads.